Our goal is to provide you with the freedom of unlimited possibilities when it comes to implant theraph. We develop products and solutions to help make your practices as simple as possible but we never compromise on reliable long-term function and esthetics.

SLock implant system is developed with a biological and biomechanical approach. Every detail is carefully designed to fit together and work in harmony with each other and whit nature. The creative idea of our implant system have been proven in excellent long-term clinical results.

In this product catalog you will find everything you need to achieve outstanding implant treatment result with SLock implant system.

The SLock implant system - 7 key features

SLock offers a complete selection of abutmemt : Fixture abutment, Post abutment, Hexed abutment, Screw abutment, Post cone, Esthetica - providing for exceptional restorative flexibility and connection switching.

All SLock's abutments are interchangeable, and all benefit from the unique 360 degree of universal positioning provided by SLock's locking taper connection.

On the other hand, internal hexagon orientates placement of abutment.

Once clinicians appreciate what 360 degree positioning and directional positioning ca do for their clinical practice, implant dentistry will never again be the same for them.

SLock implant system features complete interchangeability of abutment diameters, providing sensible biologic width - now discussed as platform switching.

SLock's harmonious biological design provides for impressive soft and bone tissue maintenance.

SLock's step sloping shoulder affords more flexibility at the time of implant placement and provides for impressive soft and bone maintenance. it also provides more room for bone over the implant, which provides supoort for the interdental papillae, enabling esthetic gingival contours to be easily and consistently archieved.
The square or fin design offers at least 30% more surface area than screw implant of the same dimensions and allows for the callus formation of mature harversian bone between the threads of implant. This lamella bone forms at a fast rate of 10~50 microns per day in comparison to the appositional bone around non-square threaded implants, which forms at a slower rate of 1~3 microns per day.
SLock 1.5 degree locking taper connection provides a proven bacterial seal at the implant to abutment interface, with a microgap of less than 0.5 micron. SLock's bacterial seal avoids the microbial leakage issues that can result in inflammation of the soft tissue around an implant, which could lead to not only bone loss around the implant but also to the loss of the implant itself.
SLock's geometric design maximize implant placement possibility and minimize the need for grafting procedure. With SLock, optimum primary stability of fixture should be achieved without any other efforts. And flat apex noninvasive design minimizes injuries of implant anatomical structures, nerves, schneiderian membrane, ets. S-line dual taper fixture design makes osteotomy and fixture insertion easy. This geometric contour work on stepwise bone expanding that influences initial stability of fixture installation. For many clinical situations, S-line dual taper fixture design offer a better solution.
Low-speed drilling at 50 RPM without irrigation allows a clinician to harvest the patient's own bone with titanium reamers for autogenous grafting. Slow drilling is forgiving and is unique to SLock implant system. Additionally, it greatly extends the longevity of the titanium reamers, thus reducing a clinician costs. For the fast implant site preparation, especially in case of hard bone, you can choice drilling with depth indicated stop. With both of drilling and reaming, SLock's surgical procedures are comprehensive, requiring only osteotomy sequence depending on bone density concept and allowing for bone cutting or expanding. Because of Tap-in and Screw-in fixture installation switching or combination concept, SLock introduced the revolutionary switching or combination surgery(site preparation) concept that means combined drilling or milling and tapping osteotomy. This switching surgery concept affords the dentist a guaranteed safe and easy bone healing around implant of every fixture installation, with no extra effort or expense for the dentist or patient.

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